Brand identity and MVP design for an online mentoring platform.

Connecting students with businesses.


Miguel and Vasco noticed a gap between the academic and the corporate world and decided to create Mentform, an online mentoring platform. Mentform mission is to reduce the barrier between students and companies.

Because they are a young group of risk-takers that found a problem and because they are brave enough to solve it, I decided to partner with them and invest in this project.


Hard work always pays off! Sometime after Mentform MVP release, they were invited to join Vodafone Power Lab in Lisbon, a startup incubator to help them grow the business.


Brand Design




2016 - ongoing

Mentform Case Study Logo Vertical Version in Dark Background
Mentform Case Study Symbol Construction
Mentform Case Study Symbol Monochromatic in Dark Background
Mentform Case Study Type in Darker Background
Mentform Case Study Type in Light Background
Mentform Case Study Logo in Light Background
Mentform Slideck Template
Slide deck template
Mentform Business Cards
Business Cards

Landing Page

As part of the marketing plan, we designed a landing page with focus on user registration.

The concept for the landing page structure was based on their marketing plan. User first experience with the brand would be through founder talks, ads, or printed material.

Mentform Case Study Landing Page
Mentform Case Study Feed
Mentform Case Study Student Profile
Mentform Case Study Add Credits Modal
Mentform Case Study Add Team Member Modal
Mentform Case Study Questionnaire Edit
Mentform Case Study Video Call
Mentform Case Study Schedule Modal
Mentform Case Study Questionnaire Results
Mentform Case Study Company Profile
Mentform Case Study Chat

Promotional Video

As part of the promotional strategy, Klemen created a video animation to show what Mentform is and its value proposition.


Vasco Moura, Co-founder

Miguel Pinto, Co-founder

Diogo César, Co-founder and back-end developer

Klemen Vadnjal, Motion designer

Diogo Dantas, Brand and product designer