Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the common questions I receive from prospective clients.

Do you do small projects?

Of course! No project is too small or too large. Just because the project is small, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be designed to the highest standards.

Do you offer unpaid pitches?

My labor and creativity is my most valuable resource, and I do not offer them for free unless you are an NGO or local charity institution that needs my help. If that is the case, just get in touch with me.

How much does a brand design/new website/app cost?

The answer can vary greatly from project to project. Some factors include time, number of features, type of features, mobile-friendliness, etc. To give you an accurate estimate, I’ll need to know more information about your specific project and the value it will add to your business. You can send me all the necessary information to start by filling these simple questions.

How do you handle payments?

It depends how complex is your project. Before we start working we will decide if we split it in two 50% payments or break payments up into multiple installments. Payments are made prior to start the next project phase and they are tied to dates in the calendar, not deliverables. This allows me to reserves time in my calendar prior to starting work.

What software do you use?

Preferably I design interfaces in Sketch, but I can also use Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator if required.

Will I have access to the project final files?

Project final files will be released after last payment is concluded. You will receive a nice thank you email where you can also find the link to a shared Google Drive folder with the final project files available to download at any time.

Can we talk on the phone or in person?

Absolutely! If you are in the Lisbon or Porto area I would love to sit down with you for a coffee or lunch to discuss your business needs and answer any question you may have. If you are not in any of the cities mentioned before we can talk over video-call. It really comes down to whatever you are most comfortable with.

Are you willing to travel to meet your clients?

Yes. When possible and applicable, I travel to meet my clients in person. This is especially helpful with larger projects where face-to-face communication would improve the strategy and overall results. Depending on our specific arrangement, travel costs may be built into the project budget.

Are you willing to relocate?

It depends of how my life is at the moment you ask. Maybe it is summer in Lisbon and I really don’t want to say goodbye to this city or maybe I want something else and I’m willing to relocate. Who knows? 🙂

If you have some opportunity to relocate just get in touch and we will talk more in detail.

Do you know how to code?

Yes! I’m actually quite fluent in HTML, CSS, JS, and Wordpress. I’m able to bring my designs to life through code and work closely with development teams to ensure the interface is implemented correctly. My role in the development side depends of what we agree in the project contract.

How do I get started?

Glad you ask! Just click the button below and submit the contact form. We will be in touch really soon!

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