I design products and experiences that transform brands, drive business and improve people's lives.

Continuous Discovery

Discovery is a crucial part of every project success! All projects start with an extensive understanding of my clients business now and what their future looks like. Although very important, it is just the beginning. Continuous discovery is the ongoing process of engaging the customer during the design and development process. The goal is to understand both what the user is doing with the product and why they are doing it.

Permission to Fail

Experimentation breeds creativity. Creativity, in turn, yields innovative solutions.

Prototypes over presentations

Instead of spending time looking at great looking presentations, I like to show how the product feels through prototypes.

Small batches, fast iteration

I work into small units, or batches. This means creating only the design that is necessary to move the team forward and avoiding a big “list” of untested and unimplemented design ideas.

Because every project begins with assumptions, creating large-batch designs with those untested assumptions we can throw away a lot of work. By working in smaller batches, we can design and validate our decisions as we go, reducing the risk of wasted work.

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